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In Your Dreams by Ted Greenwald

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In Your Dreams Ted Greenwald BlazeVOX [books]

Ted Greenwald's 30 th book consists of 79 72-line poems, each with his trademark recombinatory drop-stitch weave. As a basic pattern, which is varied, each poem's 26 demotic lines is repeated in 9 interlinked free triolets (ABCACDAB-DEFDFGDE). In Your Dreams is almost, then is, hard to say, In Your Dreams is almost, hard to say, autopoiesis, In Your Dreams is almost, then is, autopoiesis, flickering fugal strobe of the everyday, or sublime sonic moir , autopoiesis, or sublime sonic moir, spoken and shimmering, autopoiesis, flickering fugal strobe of the everyday.

— Charles Bernstein

In your dreams, text messages are cinematic connectives; in the rushes of Ted Greenwald's talking pictures, a spoken grammar steps out of the voice and into language proper, only to find that the comma is an extra ( N atalie Wood plays the waitress's pad; L aurence H arvey, the double helix). S hots and cuts are balanced for maximum clarity and accommodation. What happens next is in the present tense.

— Miles Champion

As the centered layout replicates a spinal column or double helix of symmetrical verticality that allows the eye to scan rapidly down through each stack of lines, the use of interwoven repetition creates an echoic choral effect that builds-in rhythmic intensity: In Your Dreams . Two steps forward, one step back, these improvised speeches for an in-town head reverberate with second, third and fourth takes that take out loans on short-term memory only to break the bank of thought-heard voices and walk right through the door in a hum.

— Kit Robinson


Ted Greenwald

Ted Greenwald was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and has lived in New York City his entire life. During the course of a career that has spanned some 30 years, he has been the author of numerous books of poetry, including 3 (Cuneiform, 2008) Two Wrongs with painter Hal Saulson (Cuneiform 2007), The Up and Up (Atelos, 2004), Jumping the Line (Roof Books, 1999), Word of Mouth (Sun & Moon, 1986) Common Sense (L Publications, 1978), and You Bet (This, 1978) all available from Small Press Distribution. 

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