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Welcome to BlazeVOX 2kX Spring 2010

Introduction : A World of Acceptance

Hello and welcome to the spring issue of BlazeVOX2kX. We are in our tenth year and to celebrate we are presenting our largest issue ever. In this issue you will find one hundred and one fine writers presenting some highly fascinating work. These writers come from all around the world and I am humbled by all of their kind support to make this on of the best issues ever!

I know one hundred and one is a great number! We had a bit of a surge on submission and with all this great work, we had two alternatives reject or accept. We could reject a great many fine pieces, which seemed like far too much work in deciding what to remove and what to keep. It was just too hard of a task. So it only seemed natural to open up and make room for more. We, as writers, live in a world of rejection and I want to foster acceptance. So hurray! Here is an excellent issue!

We have a few new ebooks in our Wilde Reading Room. Look forward to new ebooks in the late summer. We are planning on have adding 30 new full-length titles this year which we will be offering as usual, for free. These are all is Adobe PDF and viewable on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Just go to our page and click on the link. They look beautiful! This also holds true for all our online publications!   

Please send work for our fall issue now. Simply send an email to . We are always looking for new materials. We are a bit full as you can imagine, but we always have room for one more. Please send the manuscript to this email address in either a Microsoft Word doc, RTF, or even a PDF is fine.

A much beloved figure in the Buffalo poetry scene is in our buffaloFocus section. Aaron Lowinger is a beautiful soul whose poetry is a true delight. I couldn’t imagine Buffalo without his wonderful kind energy. I believe you will enjoy his work as much as I do! Hurray!  

Once again I want to thank you for allowing BlazeVOX to be as fun and open as it is. It is a real treat to be able to bring this about! Hurray on you! Thank you a thousand times!


Best, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gatza
Editor  &  Publisher
              BlazeVOX [ books ]                                        
Publisher of weird little books


More Information:

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· buffaloFocus : Aaron Lowinger




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