The Work, Which Is Simple, Conquers It

Pure beginning,
the simple search
at the beginning of the inclination
(inclination being pure).

The initial mixture
and the egoistic course.

All the creative things—
the inclination of glory,
the atrophy of conscience—
will fade.

Harmfulness of perfection,
simplicity of perfection:
it works out glory
in simple harmful work.

As for the Excellent Conscience of the Holy

Rather than advising,
you urge
what is not obvious.

You urge
the work where
hallucination is given
large portion.

It is given
the holy elegance
of conscience cut:
hard holiness,
the holy punishment,
the punishment of elegance.

As for safety
(a better practice)
it is satisfied
when you use
the acquisition of all
things moderate.


In Order to Achieve the Taste of the Work

You improve
the beginning, which is weak.

You improve patiently
the rumor, which is
the impulsive tendency—
the easy tendency,
the complete weakness.

The simple consultation
(being given rashly)
begins to be patient.

The tendency hangs—
impulse echoing;
the tendency which is
a certain impulse.

It hangs on most patiently,
complete brittleness.
It sadly offers:
better to be patient.
















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