Pleasant on the Side

An amazing sight, that huge sunflower she guards out by the sidewalk. Roofers pulling up next to it in their pickup truck with fastened ladders don't know which way to sneeze.

Last opportunity the kids had strolling this close to noblesse oblige was the wallet under a dead wino's fingertips. Felt good to get it out of the way, they brag.

Who would have guessed random patrols can put an end to vagrancy. Temporary as it is. Private escorts to la tienda will balloon anyhow, float away on their own, following penile bones of lesser swimming mammals.

There are kind hints far and wide having one lucid quality not apparent to even the most famished diamond miner--yet nowhere, screams my infrequent neighbor, is a cape of some device his waking moors itself to, that miniscule, deep-breathing reiteration of drafty windowpanes which I try caulking over.

When watching rain, it will leisure

as the street turns dark in patches. A saunter shades its coral hue, this tranquil, objective midnight. The bottom of bushes finally begin to understand. Then meal-tickets get caution in their voices, tremble. Does kneeling also mean this little to butter lambs? Otherwise, the sheriff's last-minute warrants expire rather premature below tumbling drizzle of my grafted acacia branches. A good joke played, I am used to thinking

because touchy care calls for primroses as well. My servings were spoonwise, thickets removed, by a gentle lady from São Paulo. Sold her spaghetti strap to me on a boxless mattress. Only me. Jealous, those other boys. They scribbled brilliant rhymes; her make-believe pudenda thence posted tree trunks over No Parking notices right after Sunday service. Forswearing a restraining order I won their most prized caged pigeon by rolling dice. Had it coo chivalry softly--my silent bidding--up until her deathly request for release: Ah.

There seldom are investigations as the body changes its mind about coming home for dinner

and unless I forget these crepuscular how-nows, I've been counselled, they can't legally be mine. For the justice needed is on ice for the time being, or the justice avoided couldn't have come at a worse time--though the siders and I, we do enjoy deliberating our garden variety snuggledowns so.















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