Maybe I'm Doing This All Wrong

Scurrilous urgency
to punch. In on time
punch. Out with over.
Time. Nothing but money
that needs. To be spent
right. Away so we don't
lose what. We've already
taken. On time
to pay. On time with
promises not to. Ever
be late on their. Time
not ours.




I am Beautiful

No more. Ugly
is deeper than skin. Deep
words. When I speak
in my own voice. I say things
I don't mean to
Hurt you with. Words
are broken. Glass that cut past my lips.
are banished from. Exile. Let
me in. One room
you in another. Far away place.




Dream Seen Sideways

something about the. reeds cattails
or. something like that
fine fibers find the soft. spots
in my lungs
I can't get. away
riding some log. or
raft. I can't get.
away it's dark but not too.
dark more like a tornado
sky it's dark but.
not dark. I
smell water
that I'm not quite in. wet
I wear. wool wet
burlap pants. my hair is lank
eyes. sour with. sweat
rain curtains, fingernails raw. with
dirt through cattails
fibers thick
in my. lungs














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