from Diphasic Rumors
A patient labor giving form to our impatience for liberty




Rumors define us. "I will compose a fancy
rhyme, a song of praise to you." Personal history
was of no interest. History was paramount. 5.6
already know about the human condition. 5.6
don't need more human condition stories. Attack
Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack
Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack.
Furies panhandling in blocks up to down. No promise
of improving conditions, relocating primary hostilities,
or finding a pump to levy.


All omissions intentional. Or shall 5.1
say, "The tactics & strategies employed by this
new branch of credit/prix have come
crashing down on us." Myself, 5.1 associate
some negative sleight-of-hand. I think what
we were doing during .. what ___ think (have me),           [R O P E]
what ___ think. On the opposing guard sides--
T H I S I S R E N I T E N C E. Really could
___ fall beneath his oppressions no longer. The hero's
in the fog, has lost ___ faces. In that Line, possibly.


There were ("walk in the rays of a beautiful sun") beautiful
homes surrounding the project yard and on the corner
a beautiful store where I would go when I was seventeen.
Lead in (z) bones. The Steps of Odessa.
Lead in (z) blood. The commissary was open 24 hrs.
There 5.6 could buy small cartons and later
fill them with apple juice. Part of [this] was recurring.
If the angry nationalists were angry humanists.
5.9 boat was rebuilt. Built back from scratch.
We boarded 5.9 vessel. Constructed a monumental Battleship.


If the need for duty were to arise. 5.6 see
5.5 as behaving truly. A particular sacrament
given from all intersectors, the parts in sight
in lighting ___ candles. An aviator kismet led by
the tracking panel, and it is destiny. So news, such
noise – not sooner we heard. A relaxing Day, fine.
"Confusion, the caps of mountains capped by air."
Precipitations touch frolic canal. Blunt proof. World's
History, example in fumes – twisting elbows, drought stricken.
More cadets, more joviality looking for beat within blue shadows.


I don't think anyone likes or even ever
did like ------------ do you remember
that interview he did for French television I
remember him snapping his fingers to the Beach
Boys and that he owned a large house in California
which if I recall doubled as a set for some of his
films which often talked about or signaled some conflicts
like the problem of the relation of individuals which
has ever since meeting my birth parents at birth interested
me and I think some others who are poorly















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