from Please Eat Yourself




pajama head fist in a click arcing MeK
of a erudite's lashes plan matts out rippin mass on
starbucks’ time as like naturally rigged to grow
bloated w/ baggage stampede flooding previous 'n
aft: how're th puttin greens, any decent trim? mood
rats yogurt sky, television, Arutyunian's bite-size
sharia warmin peeps’ glowy fuzz for a ham sister
croutons busy dressin off to nuke a salad party, option
diagram hydroxycut wave. grease pens’ll inch a dune
coon’s neck taut from coke lined w/ sand ‘n crest
white-strips at’ll beep off to shifts in th ambience.






long live 0153GMT15JAN06 ack holler bike wind: shot
hit coughin up th dug jam coon signs of a hydrastorm plated,
multi Turban Jim pincers crab on to cake stick eyes a light
down e-box for th slogged in tow. a couple a older coups try
‘n pee ’n lip gorged in th bisquick’s accidental glance at th tele,
sound destructions mean total illustration a th verb swirl ratio
splatter pox lotion hive industry. as she sleaps thru background
conditions a th flow at low swirl, he chaps’t wrench off th gears
a th hot tub at dusk. proxy continental three a shelled life’s twinkle
toes a braille punted fake rock wall thru Zone #00FF00, yogurt
rifle packin ‘chutes up OBL’s jack’s on th right side a th unit.


raccoons gargle at th touch of oblivion’s
deep scansion a th lambourghini bumf.
i i wanna play beach ball w/ th stars x’d
eyes’ll mulch two banks a th dead sight
together, o spic. scoop’t feet a terse dip-
lomatic notes rend in mumpin qtr-lbs a
flesh’s porcelain glug to like filter out th
storm from th clouds. hey, deep-end this:
hiss. elliptically polar squattin nekkid over
a bucket a raw burger flesh, onwards to
th checkout o me’n my crop-circle. wee.
















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