Out of Orbit

The moon cries a river tonight,
A pool of glistening stars at its side.
Your scent lingers like a skunk’s spray,
The Milky Way is my blanket of warmth.
A book is my bedtime buddy,
I am a lonesome planet faraway.
I feel like I’m losing contact,
No astronaut to conquer my contours.

“Soup For One” and Net Dating,
A shooting star kisses the sky Goodnight.
Horoscopes spur me on daily,
Wishing on a star - I’ll find him.
My life eclipsed of ecstasy,
A guiding star shines in the curtain cracks.
The Zodiac can’t cure my pain,
The telescope left on the shelf.

All Chick - Lit drones on about love,
You were the meteor who melted my view.
Clubs on a Friday are all hype,
Bright lights to hide the hollow shells.
Gazing out of the taxi, at the Plough,
My lost constellation shall return to me,
My rocket ship shall port one day,
Someone shall polish my stars, they shall shine.

Idyll: Our Derelict Garden

Our domesticated house cats roam in the tall, over-grown grass,
Acting out their inner ambition to be tigres: a cat with status.
For father is too busy to chop down the long tresses and take
Their strength and imaginary status away.
A TV, once blessed with all eyes upon it retires, sat on the soil
Nursing it’s broken, worn - out tube.

Mountains of black, rubbish bags tower with neglect,
Fit to burst, as they wait patiently for their dump destiny.
I sit and watch our rockery, gaze out and appreciate the neglected.
For we all get old and lose appearance but that does not mean
Inspiration is not there.
I may not be blessed with bird baths and immaculate flower beds,
Yet I am not frightened of raw nature and absorb what I have.














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